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The HikMicro Falcon FH35 Hand Held Thermal Imager features a 384x288 12 micron thermal sensor to deliver up to 1800m detection range with sub 20mK NETD sensitivity to provide superb levels of detail in an ultra compact thermal camera with advanced features such as an 35mm F1.0 and 12 micron sensor, the Falcon FH35 thermal imager provides high performance thermal viewing at a superb price point.

The HikMicro Falcon FH35 provides a great balance of field of view vs detection range, making it perfect for wildlife observation and as a hand held thermal imager for hunting, the new HikMicro Falcon FH35 thermal imaging camera features a high specification F35/1.0 lens to deliver crystal clear thermal viewing via a 1024x768 HD display.

Boasting an industry leading SUB 20 NETD sensor paired to a high quality F1.0 lens the Falcon delivers the highest performance thermal sensor available on the commercial market. This translates into an exceptionally high quality image even in the harshest of weather conditions.

The highly thermally sensitive 384x288px 12 micron SUB 20 NETD sensor ensures perfect detail recognition. Capable of detecting the smallest details like animal hair, subtle physical characteristics and information from the surroundings like branches and leaves – building you a reliable picture of your target and its surroundings.

Improved Design and Cutting Edge Performance 

With a significantly improved design with new easily accessible controls, the Falcon FH35 sensor is focused via a smooth operation ring on the objective lens, with a wide field of view for scanning large areas, but with the ability to discern detail at distance thanks to the high specification lens system and sensor combination.

Intuitive in design and easy to use the Falcon FH35 thermal spotter provides an ultra clear image with impressive detail recognition, making it perfect for wildlife surveys and ecology.

Image Pro enhanced image optimisation uses high performance algorithms to deliver the best possible image performance with a super large aperture F1.0 35mm lens and 3-12x magnification.

Long Detection Range

With a detection range of up to 1800m and a field of view of 13.2x9.9 the Falcon FH35 is the perfect spotter for wildlife observation and in particular deer stalking providing a wide field of view for scanning but the ability to ascertain details at longer ranges. 

Extended Run Time in the field

With a 7hr battery life, the HikMicro Falcon features a rugged magnesium housing with a protective rubber armour exterior and is waterproof rated to IP67 for use in all weather conditions.

Supplied with 2 x rechargeable batteries, the Falcon battery can be swapped out in the field in seconds. 

HikMicro Sight App Connectivity

The Falcon FH series of hand held thermal imagers feature integated video recording and wifi, which allows you to connect to your mobile device to share footage with friends and also stream a live feed so your colleagues can see a real time image of what the camera operator sees.

HikMicro Image Pro Mode

The Falcon is the first HIKMICRO product to offer Image Pro mode. When activated image pro boosts the detail in the image both for animals and background. In addition to Image Pro the Falcon also boasts all of the normal software features found in HIK products including a choice of 4 colour pallets and access to the HIKMICRO Sight app which allows you to stream, control and record from your thermal monocular.

The built in 64gb memory also allows you to save images and videos directly onto the monocular.

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